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Because everyone has a story: Dominika Wrzesiok

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If you are a Salsa dancer, you have most likely been watching a lot of videos of famous Salsa instructors, trying to learn some footwork combinations and styling tricks from them. By this time you probably also have your idol – a person, who inspires you in the Salsa environment and who you look up to. Dominika is one of the instructors in Cuban Salsa, who has been inspiring a lot of Salsa dancers, including me, with her great energy, passion and femininity.  Read More

Because everyone has a story: Dennis Bertolazza

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Everyone’s journey to success is different. Each of us has to look for opportunities in our private and professional lives, but most importantly we need the courage to go ahead and pursue what we believe in and what makes us happy, even if others around us tell us the opposite. Every now and then, we go through times, when we doubt it all and feel that it’s all too hard. So if you need some inspiration from the people, who followed their passion, watch the series of CSA Team stories and hear, how they became, who they are now. Read More

Because everyone has a story: Christina Fast and Konrad Stanek

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Salsa is considered the king of Latin dances and is danced all over the world. It is very likely that it is because Salsa is a mixture of dances and so many cultures coming together. However, in the recent years many people start dancing Bachata before they even tried the first Salsa steps. While Salsa keeps its well respected place in Latin dance community, the kind of Latin dance that is increasing in popularity nowadays is Bachata. Read More