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When the majority of people hear SALSAthey think of either the sauce or at best that it is a Latin dance. For a dancer, Salsa can mean a lot of things.


Salsa is a broad definition of the dance since there are many styles that are so different in their origin, techniques and music: L.A. on 1, New York on 2, Mambo, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Colombian or Puerto Rican. If you are a Salsa dancer, you have probably already found yourself researching the differences of each style. There is so much to learn: the timing, classical movements and steps, musicality, most popular musicians and bands and not to forget the attitude of each style!


Camila Viancos knows it all! She is half Chilean and half Danish, and has been studying the art of social dancing in Buenos Aires, Cuba and New York. Besides, she is a musician and has been performing as a salsa singer for many years. To her, it is the sounds of Salsa instruments: congas, bongos, claves, guíro, maracas or trombones that inspire her and allow express herself on the social dance floor. Even though Camila has been specialising in dancing on 2 and Pachanga, she is known in Denmark for her very unique and creative Latin dance style, incorporating techniques also from tango, modern dance, Afro cuban, pilates and yoga!


Dance and music is her life and she agreed to share with us, how her story of dancing started and what it brought into her life!


Because everyone has a story, let us know yours! Haven’t you ever been wondering about the person you are dancing with? We tend to know each other and bond well on the dance floor, but what are our lives outside the Latin dance environment, what motivates us to go out and dance? Why Salsa? What style of Salsa makes you groovy on the dance floor? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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