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Salsa is considered the king of Latin dances and is danced all over the world. It is very likely that it is because Salsa is a mixture of dances and so many cultures coming together. However, in the recent years many people start dancing Bachata before they even tried the first Salsa steps. While Salsa keeps its well respected place in Latin dance community, the kind of Latin dance that is increasing in popularity nowadays is Bachata.


Bachata literally means party and here in Copenhagen more and more Bachata themed parties are organised. If you happen to be in one of the Bachata parties, you will quickly notice that the music and dance itself is centred around the topics of love, romance, heartbreak or loss. Besides, even though Bachata dance originated not long time ago, it has already evolved into various Bachata styles: Dominican, Sensual and Fusion. Naturally there are more and more amazing Bachata performers and instructors all over the world and in my opinion, Konrad Stanek is among them.



Konrad is the ambassadors of Bachata Fusion in Copenhagen and leader of Bachata classes at Copenhagen Salsa Academy. Bachata stole his heart a few years ago and here is his story:


Because everyone has a story, let us know yours! Haven’t you ever been wondering about the person you are dancing with? We tend to know each other and bond well on the dance floor, but what are our lives outside the Latin dance environment, what motivates us to go out and dance? Why Bachata? Why Salsa? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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