CSA's 2020 In A Nutshell
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Copenhagen Salsa Academy’s 2020 In A Nutshell

What we learned from this unique year.

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There is plenty to recap but now, with the dust settling on 2020, the dancing environment has gained new perspectives that paint a picture of the year gone by.


The first lockdown

It starts with the real-world ruthlessness of the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. We could no longer hang around in groups, nor teach classes and arrange events. It made us feel very unsettled and puzzled, but also we were almost enjoying this slowdown with extra time for self-love.


Online Dance Classes – what are they?

We wanted to keep on dancing, so we quickly adapted and started offering our first ever online dance classes already in April. Zoom, Skype and Facebook groups were new and undiscovered ways of teaching. But they quickly became an important part of our daily lives, and even gave us possibilities to connect globally and introduce new concepts, such as stretching for dancers or Latin workout.
Online classes

Summer 2020 & dancing again

Never again shall we take anything for granted! We were truly happy when in June Denmark was set to move to the next stage of reopening, and we invited everyone to join the regular summer dance season. Ohhh boy, we were happy to see all of you dancing with us in the studio again! Besides, we organised weekend Bootcamps for Kizomba dancers, Salsa and Styling Workshops, Salsa and Bachata Practica and more.

The second lockdown & VIP Workshops

Unfortunately, as the Covid-19 situation got worse in autumn, dancing seasons became like a jigsaw: all the pieces were there but fitting them together proved to be difficult. In October we had to close, re-open and re-structure the studio and dance classes four times within one month! In short, it was confusing and exhausting.
But luckily with all of our dancers’ support and encouragement, the new VIP workshops (8 students and 2 teachers at a time) allowed us to focus on teaching dance techniques in detail and give lots of personal feedback. We discovered that dancing in small groups is a great way to improve our dancing skills effectively and we can’t wait for more VIP workshops in the future!

The highlights of 2020

2020 was for us the most challenging and creative year by far:
We recorded DIGITAL SALSA COURSE (book here), produced CSA MASKS for everyone’s safety (order here), filmed new CHOREOS (check them out here), designed more CSA T-SHIRTS (order here) and switched to LIVE ONLINE CLASSES (join here).
Even though 2020 wasn’t the year we expected, the pandemic did not stop our progress! The adoption of digital learning allows us now to teach more effectively. We became an even stronger team and have a wonderful dancing family where we support and motivate each other. THANK YOU ALL for not giving up and doing your best! The focus on self-care and community will as well be our top-priority for 2021.
Lastly, enjoy watching this wonderful video – here are our students dancing from home during the lockdown in 2020. We managed to improve ourselves as dancers during the pandemic and are looking forward what 2021 will bring us!

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