Meet the CSA team!

CSA is Copenhagen’s new Salsa and Latin dancing school. We offer weekly Salsa and Bachata classes,  as well as events, social dance parties and workshops.
Our instructors are some of the most desired and professional in Denmark. We are proud to offer high quality dance classes, focusing on the students’ growth and development. CSA’s goal is to elevate the level of the danish salsa environment and inspire more people to start dancing! We welcome everyone who is passioned about latin dancing, and who wants to challenge his/her ambition and talents.

A good friend introduced me to Dennis, founder of CSA, and I was immediately sold on salsa dancing. Thecoaching is varied and exciting. Everything covered, from new footwork, technique and musicality is always presented with a good portion of humour and patience in a friendly manner.

Bas V.M.

A good friend introduced me to Dennis, founder of CSA, and I was immediately sold on salsa dancing. The coaching is varied and exciting. Everything covered, from new footwork, technique and musicality is always presented with a good portion of humour and patience in a friendly manner.

Mette S.

Dancing salsa gives me an incredible amount of happiness and energy – and as a bonus it also keeps me in great shape! I love going to the fun salsa socials in Copenhagen and dance all night to awesome music!

Christina N.

Salsa is my sanctuary when I need to take a breather from the hectic pace of everyday life. When I step into class I forget about everything else, I'm completely present and fully focused on the rythms and steps, and to be able to share this experience with friends who has the same mutual love for dance and music is wonderful.

Sari T.R.


Dennis Bertolazza

Dennis was born and raised in Italy, and he has danced salsa since 2010. He has received his salsa training in Copenhagen, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland (where he received intensive training with salsa world champion Liz Lira). Salsa quickly became a lifestyle for Dennis and it didn’t take long before he began teaching.

Dennis has taught salsa since 2012, primarily at Salsa Cubana CPH, one of the biggest salsa dancing schools in Copenhagen. In addition he is also a popular salsa DJ and he owns the company teamwork.dk, where he arranges teambuilding sessions and company events. Dennis biggest dream has long been to start his own dance school, and in august 2016 it became a reality, when he opened Copenhagen Salsa Academy.

He is one of the most popular salsa instructors in Copenhagen. His humor, dance style and contagious enthusiasm attract lots of students far beyond the Danish capital. He is known for his pedagogical and humorous teaching style, and strives to create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in all his classes. He is quick to customize and adapt his lessons to the needs of the group or individual, and he loves to share his knowledge of salsa and bachata dancing in a friendly environment.

Dominika Wrzesiok

Dominika was born in Poland and has been dancing since she was 10 years old. Her dancing background and education includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, disco and contemporary. Dominika started performing and competing already as a child in competitions across Europe, and dancing has always been a huge part of her life.

After high school, Dominika and her family moved to Sweden and continued her dance education in Malmö and Copenhagen, where she got introduced to salsa and latin music: it was love at first sight! She got eager to learn more about latin culture and dancing, so she joined some of the the best salsa groups in Malmö and learned Cuban and L.A. style salsa. She has since traveled to many international congresses to sharpen her skills and get new inspiration from some of the best salsa dancers in the world: Luis Vazquez, Johny Vazquez, Maykel Fonts, Kirenia Cantin, Adrian y Anita and many more.

The rest is history: Dominika is now one of the best and most successful female dancers in the Skåne region, traveling nationally and internationally to teach and perform. As a teacher, she directs her students’ focus on proper form and technique, as well as good body movement and lady styling.

Konrad Stanek

Konrad started his dancing adventure with Salsa, Cuban Son and Bachata back in 2006. Following intensive training and commitment to mastering rhythm, flow and technique, he advanced from student to instructor and started his own regular classes in 2008.

In 2013, while traveling abroad, Konrad discovered the fire of Bachata Sensual and quickly got addicted to it! He became a pioneer of this style in Denmark (together with his former dance-partner – Jocelin), and the first to organize regular classes of Bachata Sensual in Copenhagen. Throughout the last 10 years, Konrad has travelled to dozens of international events and festivals to learn from the best instructors, and performed multiple times in Cuban Son and Bachata Sensual in both Denmark and Spain. Moreover, Konrad has been teaching at festivals in Denmark, and organized several workshops in Copenhagen, Malmö, Aarhus and Odense.

In his classes, Konrad emphasizes musicality, connection between partners, and smoothness of body movement achieved through clear and precise leading. While having a well-established teaching framework, he also highly prizes spontaneity and flexibility – his classes are always interesting, educational and a lot of fun!

Camila Viancos

Camila Viancos, half Chilean and half Danish, has performed, taught and choreographed in Denmark and abroad for the past 10 years. She also appeared on national Danish TV on various occasions, both as a teacher and performer. In 2005 she lived and studied in New York and there she specialized in dancing on2 and later she became known as one of the first to introduce this style on the Danish salsa scene. She studied the art of social dancing in Buenos Aires, Cuba and New York, and in her recent stay in NYC she took intensive classes with Franklin Diaz.

Her style as a dancer is very unique and creative. Incorporating techniques from tango, modern dance, afro cuban, pilates and yoga. Her approach to dance goes through the music, which for her is the very source to endless inspiration: she has been a salsa singer for the many years and teaches musicality for dancers with live musicians from Suwalski Latin Quarter.

She teaches on1, on2, bachata, cha cha, pachanga, lady styling, musicality, afro-carribean body movement. She currently also teaches and performs with the world renown dancer and performer Luis Vazquez. Besides salsa she also teaches yoga, pilates and tango.

Thomas Nygaard

Thomas is one of the pioneers of the Scandinavian Latin scene, and has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher. Besides being a great dancer, he is also professionally trained as an actor, stage director and energy coach.

Ieva Utakyte

– info coming soon –

Christina Pangidou

Christina started dancing as a little girl, and has a unique background that includes classical ballet, modern dance and latin. She has been teaching and choreographing in her hometown in Greece, as well as in Odense and Copenhagen, and taking dance classes in London.

In 2007, a friend took her to a Latin dance class, and she got blown away by the style, energy and speed of the dancing; she started attending lots of social parties: “People were always happy! That motivated me to learn more and later start teaching, because I believe that everyone should be as happy as salsa dancers!”

Christina can dance both as a follower and a leader, so she knows how to help everyone becoming better. She is always smiling and ready to bring good energy to the class, so good vibes are guaranteed!

Janne Vejlby

Janne has been dancing since childhood: she started with ballroom when she was 8 years old, and continued throughout her teenage years, competing and reaching the finals in multiple national and international events. She discovered salsa in 2007, and quickly got “hooked”, thanks to the warm music, the smooth connection between dancers and the multicultural and open social environment.

In 2017, she decided to take her skills further and started taking classes at CSA, later assisting Dennis in the beginner’s classes. Her strong technical foundation and elegant and feminine style make her a great role model for the upcoming salseros: passion, dedication and hard work took her dancing to the next level, and we are excited to have her in the CSA team!

Joanna Wojciechowska

Years of dancing experience and versatile dance background equipped Joanna with high body awareness and good technical background. She is a certified dance instructor with International Dance Organization (IDO), and during 13 years of dancing Joanna was one of the top hip-hop dancers in Poland, representing her country in three European and one World Championships. She believes this wouldn’t have been possible without her classical dance preparation, deep understanding of music and even acting skills.
In more recent years, Joanna’s main focus has been on latin dances. She consider herself “a salsa dancer falling in love with bachata”, ready to share her passion with the students! To her, connection with the music and the feeling you get inside while dancing are the most fun aspects of latin dancing. She will teach you all the techniques you need to become even more free in expressing yourself!


Bas Van Mackelenbergh

Logistics and support assistant, host

Bas is the host of the Practica training sessions and assisting in various CSA activities. He is always happy to help you with any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to ask him, especially if you want to dance with him!

Ciprian Vasile-Buznean

Dancer, host

Ciprian is hooked on salsa and bachata dancing! You can meet him on the dance floor, assisting in classes or hosting the CSA events: regardless, make sure to ask him for a dance, it will be fun!

Chris Bustamante

DJ, host

Chris is a talented dancer, and a DJ with a real passion for latin music in his Mexican blood: he’ll make you dance all night at the CSA parties with his nice and fresh new take on salsa and bachata music!