Meet the CSA team!

CSA is Copenhagen’s new Salsa and Latin dancing school. We offer weekly Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes,  as well as events, social dance parties and workshops.
Our instructors are some of the most desired and professional in Denmark. We are proud to offer high quality dance classes, focusing on the students’ growth and development. CSA’s goal is to elevate the level of the danish salsa environment and inspire more people to start dancing! We welcome everyone who is passioned about latin dancing, and who wants to challenge his/her ambition and talents.

A good friend introduced me to Dennis, founder of CSA, and I was immediately sold on salsa dancing. Thecoaching is varied and exciting. Everything covered, from new footwork, technique and musicality is always presented with a good portion of humour and patience in a friendly manner.

Bas V.M.

A good friend introduced me to Dennis, founder of CSA, and I was immediately sold on salsa dancing. The coaching is varied and exciting. Everything covered, from new footwork, technique and musicality is always presented with a good portion of humour and patience in a friendly manner.

Mette S.

Dancing salsa gives me an incredible amount of happiness and energy – and as a bonus it also keeps me in great shape! I love going to the fun salsa socials in Copenhagen and dance all night to awesome music!

Christina N.

Salsa is my sanctuary when I need to take a breather from the hectic pace of everyday life. When I step into class I forget about everything else, I'm completely present and fully focused on the rythms and steps, and to be able to share this experience with friends who has the same mutual love for dance and music is wonderful.

Sari T.R.


Dennis Bertolazza

Dennis is the founder and owner of Copenhagen Salsa Academy. He was born and raised in Italy with a mixed danish/italian background, and moved to Denmark in 2009 to follow his danish roots. The next year he started dancing, and salsa quickly became a lifestyle for Dennis, with intensive practice, classes and social dancing almost on a daily basis, so it didn’t take long before he began teaching.

Dennis has taught salsa since 2012, starting at Salsa Cubana CPH, trained by his first mentor Jakob Garcia. In addition he also became a popular salsa DJ and started the company teamwork.dk, where he arranges teambuilding sessions and company events til now.

In recent years he has been traveling to countless events and festivals, spending many hours learning all styles of salsa and getting mentored by sensational dancers like Liz Lira, Sergio Jasso, Pablito Stellato, and Diego & Cristina Olorun. In 2018 he took part in the Salsanamá 1vs1 competition, and in 2019 he joined Diego’s Men Styling team in Italy, among other projects.

Dennis’ biggest dream has long been to start his own dance school, and in august 2016 it became a reality, when he opened Copenhagen Salsa Academy. Today he is one of the most popular salsa instructors and choreographers in Copenhagen. His humor, dance style and contagious enthusiasm attract lots of students far beyond the Danish capital. He is known for his pedagogical and humorous teaching style, and strives to create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere in all his classes.

Video: Dennis and his history with salsa and dancing.

Ieva Utakyte

Ieva started dancing salsa by chance in 2009 in Århus. She quickly got interested in the community and the social aspect of the dance, and continued taking classes and dancing as she moved to Copenhagen the following year. Here she worked as a bartender in Club Mambo and other clubs where parties were happening on a daily basis.

This experience gave her a better understanding of the organizational work behind the events, so she founded her own concept: Urban Salsa Nights, organizing her first Bachata and salsa parties in Generator Hostel, and later in Koncertkirken and Urban House. Today she is the mastermind behind all the CSA events and parties, and manages the school’s marketing activities.

In the last couple of years Ieva has been focusing intensively on the dance itself: she has been part of multiple Salsa Ladies Performance teams, travels abroad for festivals and classes, and has broad knowledge of all the styles of salsa. As a teacher, she has a special focus on the social dancing aspect of salsa and on expressivity, helping the students to connect with each other while learning with a relaxed and positive vibe.


VJ is originally from India, and has been dancing salsa, bachata and kizomba since 2008. Today he is one of Copenhagen’s best kizomba dancers and teachers with a deep passion for the dance and the music, being a great Dj as well.

He spent several years mastering his dance throughout Europe, mainly in the UK, Spain and Denmark, and is often traveling to Asia to Dj, teach and participate in competitions: in 2015 he won, among other achievements, the 1st Asian Kizomba Championship.

Vj ‘s mission of spreading the passion for Kizomba in Denmark is well underway, and we are really excited to have him leading the Kiz revolution at CSA!

Christina Pangidou

Christina started dancing as a little girl, and has a unique background that includes classical ballet, modern dance and latin. She has been teaching and choreographing in her hometown in Greece, as well as in Odense and Copenhagen, and taking dance classes in London.

In 2007, a friend took her to a Latin dance class, and she got blown away by the style, energy and speed of the dancing; she started attending lots of social parties: “People were always happy! That motivated me to learn more and later start teaching, because I believe that everyone should be as happy as salsa dancers!”

Christina can dance both as a follower and a leader, so she knows how to help everyone becoming better. She is always smiling and ready to bring good energy to the class, so good vibes are guaranteed!

Video: Christina and her history with salsa and dancing.

Camila Viancos

Camila Viancos, half Chilean and half Danish, has performed, taught and choreographed in Denmark and abroad for the past 10 years. She also appeared on national Danish TV on various occasions, both as a teacher and performer. In 2005 she lived and studied in New York and there she specialized in dancing on2 and later she became known as one of the first to introduce this style on the Danish salsa scene. She studied the art of social dancing in Buenos Aires, Cuba and New York, and in her recent stay in NYC she took intensive classes with Franklin Diaz.

Her style as a dancer is very unique and creative. Incorporating techniques from tango, modern dance, afro cuban, pilates and yoga. Her approach to dance goes through the music, which for her is the very source to endless inspiration: she has been a salsa singer for the many years and teaches musicality for dancers with live musicians from Suwalski Latin Quarter.

She teaches on1, on2, bachata, cha cha, pachanga, lady styling, musicality, afro-carribean body movement. She currently also teaches and performs with the world renown dancer and performer Luis Vazquez. Besides salsa she also teaches yoga, pilates and tango.

Video: Camila and her history with salsa and dancing.

Reinier Leme

Reinier Leme Castillo is a professional dancer, trained at Conjunto Folclorico Nacional (CFN) in Havana (Cuba). He is one of the best Cuban dancers in the nordic countries, master of traditional Afrocuban styles like Salsa, Son, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Rumba (Columbia, Guaguanco, Yambu), Congo (Palo, Makuta, Yuka) and the more modern Reggaeton.

Reinier is also teaching modern dance, ballet, Bachata, Hip Hop and more. During his career he has been part of dance shows in theaters and congresses, both on a national and international level, besides teaching in several schools in Denmark.

We at CSA are really happy to welcome him to our team in 2023: he will give us a great help in our mission of spreading the latin-american dances and happy vibes thanks to his lifelong experience as a dancer, straight from Cuba. Don’t miss the chance to dance with him, if you are passionate about Cuban dance and culture – it’s going to be fantastic!

Berta Soley

Berta is from Barcelona, Spain, and dance has been her passion since childhood: starting at age 6, she spent many years dancing hip hop, funk, bellydance and more. She began with salsa at 18, and still loves it today: in her own words, salsa has “that happiness, fire and sensuality that keeps me coming back”.

Berta is also a fantastic social dancer, with a magnetic smile, high skills and a friendly attitude. She has been assisting in salsa classes in Copenhagen for a few years already, and in the summer 2021 she joined CSA: she is always ready to help the students out and we are sure that you will love her energy and charisma!

Luis Vazquez

Luis Vazquez is an instructor, choreographer, performer and master of ceremonies from Guadalajara, Mexico. He moved to Los Angeles California and began dancing in 1992. He is one of the pioneers of the popular LA salsa style together with his brothers Johnny Vazquez and Francisco Vazquez. Today he is based in Malmö, where he runs his dance school Love Dance Academy with his fiancée Weronika.

Luis has been traveling to more than 150 countries to participate in dance festivals and appeared in television shows such as City of Angels, Sinbad Vibe, The Rosanne Show, commercials such as Coca-Cola and California Lottery, music videos like Bio Ritmo – Bin Bin, films like Dance With Me and Looking For Lola where he has worked with artists such as John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Williams, Jimmy Smith and Quincy Jones.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Luis with us – it truly is a unique experience for the Copenhagen salsa scene, don’t miss the chance to train and dance with him!

Konrad Stanek

Konrad started his dancing adventure with Salsa, Cuban Son and Bachata back in 2006. Following intensive training and commitment to mastering rhythm, flow and technique, he advanced from student to instructor and started his own regular classes in 2008.

In 2013, while traveling abroad, Konrad discovered the fire of Bachata Sensual and quickly got addicted to it! He became a pioneer of this style in Denmark (together with his former dance-partner – Jocelin), and the first to organize regular classes of Bachata Sensual in Copenhagen. Throughout the last 10 years, Konrad has travelled to dozens of international events and festivals to learn from the best instructors, and performed multiple times in Cuban Son and Bachata Sensual in both Denmark and Spain. Moreover, Konrad has been teaching at festivals in Denmark, and organized several workshops in Copenhagen, Malmö, Aarhus and Odense.

In his classes, Konrad emphasizes musicality, connection between partners, and smoothness of body movement achieved through clear and precise leading. While having a well-established teaching framework, he also highly prizes spontaneity and flexibility – his classes are always interesting, educational and a lot of fun!

Video: Konrad and his history with salsa and dancing.

Thomas Nygaard

Thomas is one of the pioneers of the Scandinavian Latin scene, and has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher. Besides being a great dancer, he is also professionally trained as an actor, stage director and energy coach.

Alina Lazar

Alina is originally from Romania, but living in Denmark since 2021. She fell in love with salsa back in 2012 and has since then spent a lot of time in the latin dance world. She has trained in various Salsa styles like Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Cuban Salsa and Son (most recent addition). Although her main passion is Salsa, you will definitely find her on the dance floor enjoying Bachata as well.

Alina has ben part of several show teams in Bucharest, Stockholm and Copenhagen, either part of Mixed teams, Salsa Ladies Performance teams, duos or solo performances. During the last 4 years Alina has focused on shows and competitions participating in events like: Miami Salsa Summit, the WADF European Championship, Swedish SM i Dans, Copenhagen Salsa Festival, Berlin Salsa Festival, El Sol Salsa Festival.

Alina has recently started teaching and is passionate about sharing her love for the latin rhythms. Whether you talk about social dancing or performing on stage she will happily share tips and tricks learned throughout the years of dance experience.

“I dance 5 to 7 days a week. Since 2012 the Salsa and Bachata communities have been my happy place, my home away from home. During all my travels in the past 10 years (either with my job or personal) I have encountered the same passion, happiness and joy for life on the dance floor. My soul is happy and at home when I hear the familiar sounds of clave, congas, piano or trumpet and the beautiful voices like the ones of Marc Anthony, Celia, or Romeo Santos filling the room.”

Laura Lykke Casella

Laura began dancing disco and hip hop when she was 7 years old, and continued with hip hop and dancehall up until her teenage years.

She tried salsa for the first time back in 2014 completely by chance, at a beginner’s course in a bar during a trip to Bolivia; Since then, she got curious and always wanted to learn more about the latin-american dance styles.

She says: “I always thought that you would need to have a partner to join a salsa class, so I waited until my boyfriend moved to Copenhagen in 2017 to sign us up for our first lesson at CSA. And I have been hooked ever since!!!”

Through the years, Laura has been mostly focusing on competitions and choreographed dancing, but salsa was a turning point for her, giving her a fresh perspective: latin-american dancing is all about having fun, letting go of control and enjoy the music, something she wasn’t used to before.

As a student at CSA, Laura has danced her way up from beginner’s classes until performance teams, and began assisting Dennis in 2022.

Kristina Buchvald Schouw

Kristina startede med at danse Jazz-ballet da hun var 3 år, og fortsat på den samme danseskole i hele 15 år.
Efter Gymnasiet brugte hun bl.a. hendes sabbatår på en daghøjskole hvor hun blev undervist i mange forskellige dansestilarter. Hun har undervist børn og teenagere i flere år hos Funkykidz og Bliss Dance Academy i Sverige fra 2014-2018. I 2014 blev hun uddannet i børnedans 2-10 år samt i Disco og Street/Hip hop for de større børn og teenagere. I start 2019 tog hun også en uddannelse som Zumba instruktør, og senere på året også en uddannelse hos Fitness World, hvor hun så underviste mellem 2019-2021.

“Efter at have danset salsa noget tid på anden danseskole, startede jeg på CSA i 2019 hvor jeg blev en del af jeres Performance team. Siden da har CSA kommet til at betyde mere og mere for mig og jeg glæder mig til at introducere nye unge dansere til Salsa!”

På nuværende tidspunkt underviser hun fitness/danseklasser for både børn og voksne i hendes arbejde som vært i et bofællesskab og derudover har hun tumlehold og ballet for helt små børn fra 1-5 år på en lille danseskole i Valby.

June Karre

June began dancing as a 10 year old, and has experience in many styles, from the elegant standard latin and ballroom to the more urban like hip hop, funky jazz, dancehall and reggaeton.

She got to know salsa dancing by chance when she was 12 at a family party, where Latin music was played and danced to, and she immediately fell in love with the Latin American dance culture.

Between 2015 and 2019, she was part of the Peruvian dance group Caporales Dk, and performed both in Copenhagen and Sweden. She began learning Bachata and Salsa in 2019 and started teaching in Copenhagen and Malmø in 2020. June has also been part of several Bachata performance teams and dance competitions, and has been performing in Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

Her dancing style can be described as a combination of Latin and urban, with lots of girly attitude and happy vibes!


Bas Van Mackelenbergh

Logistics and support assistant, host

Bas is the host of the Practica training sessions and assisting in various CSA activities. He is always happy to help you with any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to ask him, especially if you want to dance with him!

Chris Bustamante

DJ, host

Chris is a talented dancer, and a DJ with a real passion for latin music in his Mexican blood: he’ll make you dance all night at the CSA parties with his nice and fresh new take on salsa and bachata music!

Ciprian Vasile-Buznean

Dancer, host

Ciprian is hooked on salsa and bachata dancing! You can meet him on the dance floor, assisting in classes or hosting the CSA events: regardless, make sure to ask him for a dance, it will be fun!

Camilla Juel Jensen


Maria Berg Roholt


Joyce Gonzales DelaCerna


Elitsa Holm


Signe Kristensen