Dennis Bertolazza and his story - Copenhagen Salsa Academy
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Everyone’s journey to success is different. Each of us has to look for opportunities in our private and professional lives, but most importantly we need the courage to go ahead and pursue what we believe in and what makes us happy, even if others around us tell us the opposite. Every now and then, we go through times, when we doubt it all and feel that it’s all too hard. So if you need some inspiration from the people, who followed their passion, watch the series of CSA Team stories and hear, how they became, who they are now.


Perhaps, our dance instructors and team members can inspire you to never give up on your dreams, and dance Salsa and Bachata more often!


Because everyone around us has a story the world needs to hear, we first asked the owner and main instructor at Copenhagen Salsa Academy Dennis Bertolazza to tell his Salsa-story. Watch a quick video below to hear how Dennis started dancing and what Salsa brought to his life!
Because everyone has a story, let us know yours! Haven’t you ever been wondering about the person you are dancing with? We tend to know each other and bond well on the dance floor, but what are our lives outside the Salsa environment, whatmotivates us to go out and dance? Why Latin dances? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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