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Here at Copenhagen Salsa Academy we have a handful of carefully selected dance instructors. They all not only have a lot of experience in teaching and applying various teaching methods, but also have their own unique roles in the dance classes.


We believe that it is really important for the students to have both a male and female teacher in all partnerwork classes, to get inspired and progress quicker. Sometimes one teacher is leading the class and the other is assisting; sometimes one teacher is more serious than the other one. Sometimes, one is focused on technique and the right counts and steps, while the other one has been directing your attention to the feeling or expression of the dance. In fact, a lot of knowledge is a requirement for all dance teachers, but also a unique personality!


Any good Salsa or Bachata dancer would not be the dancer he is now without his dance teachers. Even top dancers worldwide are often thanking their dance instructors and choreographers for their success:


“A great dance teacher often becomes a friend, a coach in life and an inspiration that you look up to every day”.


We believe that everyone at Copenhagen Salsa Academy has a great potential and unique skills and personality, and the teacher’s role is to make the those traits bloom in all students! 😘 While the main teachers get most of the spotlight, the ladies assisting them have an equally important role in the students’ journey of learning Salsa. Thus, we would like to share the dance-stories of our assistant instructors Janne Vejlby and Christina Pangidou! Enjoy listening to them!
Because everyone has a story, let us know yours! Haven’t you ever been wondering about the person you are dancing with? We tend to know each other and bond well on the dance floor, but what are our lives outside the Latin dance environment, what motivates us to go out and dance? Why Salsa? What style of Salsa makes you groovy on the dance floor? Tell us your story in the comments below! And if you want to hear more stories of Latin dance instructors and how they became a part of Copenhagen Salsa Academy’s team, please, keep on reading our CSA Blog!

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