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Here at Copenhagen Salsa Academy, we get the question Why to learn to dance Salsa pretty often. That’s why we’ve decided to comb through all the messages, conversations and the survey that we’ve recently conducted to dispel a few common misconceptions and show that learning to dance salsa might just be the greatest thing you can do to yourself.
Here are some things our students think why Salsa is a worthwhile investment and why you should start learning to dance salsa.


 “Salsa serves me as a weekly exercise”.

Salsa dancing is a great sport. The good thing about salsa is that it keeps you moving for hours and is an ultimate toned body booster. Besides losing weight, salsa dancing will improve all the major muscle groups. You will, in fact, need to engage the muscles, especially in your legs, glutes, your lower back and your abdomen in order to do some steps and figures on the dance floor. So be ready to get fit!


“I wanted to get in touch with my body and achieve happiness by it!”,
“To become more confident in my own skin and around others”.

Salsa is good for self-development. You will use your body in the ways that you never imagined before and find your own unique style of dancing! You will eventually feel the harmony between your mind and body, giving you a sense of inner well-being.


“Because to dance Salsa is fun and a great way to socialize”
“It is nice to be around other people who also love to dance no matter the level, age and gender.”

Salsa is entertaining and an easy way to meet people from various backgrounds. Salsa busts all the myths of being too old or having no dance partner that prevent you from dancing: to start Salsa dancing there are no requirements whatsoever! Besides, once you are at the dance class, you will be rotating in a circle and dancing with everyone! You will be interacting with a diverse group of people and making new friends without making an effort!


“It is one of the few dances in which a lady is acting as a lady, which is fun!”

You will feel sexy! While going to the social dancing parties, you will look gorgeous, feel confident, meet a lot of friends and men will lead you into the steps, when you can reveal all of your elegance!


“Dancing in general increases my musicality and creativity” 

Salsa music is rich in rhythmical patterns played by different instruments. If you believe that all Salsa music is the same, you are wrong. Salsa music has always been evolving and formed a lot of various Salsa styles. Once you learn timing, rythms, & music interpretation in Salsa, you will feel how artistic Salsa dance environment is, and might just get addicted to Salsa music.


“I love the idea of creating a connection with a dancing partner, and i love the passion people put into dancing at social dancing events.“

Salsa is your playground! It gives the space to experiment, improvise, connect with each other, express yourself and just have fun!


“When I dance, I escape my grim routine of everyday life, grey Danish sky, lost of expectations and daily disappointments. I indulge in the world of the melody and the rhythm that speaks its language and leave with a smile on my face”.

Salsa is like therapy and meditation: you can disconnect from your daily life and live in the moment.
I believe there are so many more reasons to dance Salsa and we’d love to hear all of them! Feel free to leave a comment below.
However, to really know what Salsa dancing really feels like, you need to go out there and start dancing! Give it a try and trust us – it will be much better than you think. If you are up for it, join in a trial beginner class at our Dance Academy or an introduction class at one of the Social dancing events. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and leave us a message!

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