Salsa Advanced

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SALSA ADVANCED  |  level 5
Cuban Fusion



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A new and exciting concept for experienced dancers, touching the various styles in the Salsa world. If you are ready for a challenge and want to work on a higher tempo and more complex steps and figures, this is the class for you!
Note: we are screening the participants in this group to make sure to have a high level in the group; please contact us before registering.

✓ Can lead/follow all kinds of combinations in Cuban Salsa or L.A. style with a nice flow, already use footwork and styling and feel confident and relaxed when you dance.
✓ Are ready to be challenged, and want to work on better technique, musicality and speed.
✓ Salsa dancing experience: 1-2 years or more. You have to have participated in our level 4 for 2-3 seasons, and ideally have tried other styles besides Cuban. We expect you to dance on a high level and to have very clean basics.

✧ To deal with longer and more complex challenges, both in solo and partnerwork, and to follow/lead with lightness and poise in any situation.
✧ How to combine the various rhythms and styles into a unique fusion of Contratiempo, L.A. style, Cuban Salsa, Rumba and more.
✧ New ways to move your body, express yourself and interpret the music, both in solo and partnerwork.

PRICE: 1.450,- kr. for 9 lessons of 1,5 hours, once per week. (Discount: book 2 or more group classes in the same season and get 15% off! Insert the coupon “discount15” in the shopping cart at checkout).
WHEN: Tuesdays, 19:40-21:10. From August 13th to October 8th, 2024.
WHERE: CSA studio – Room 1, Kastanie Alle 20 (1st floor), 2720 Vanløse.
INSTRUCTORS: Dennis Bertolazza & Camila Viancos.

Do you have more questions about the class? Check our FAQ page! It is only possible to register and pay for one person at a time. If you want to register with another person (for example your partner) you need to do two separate registrations.

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Fører eller følger? | Leader or Follower?