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Our goal is to provide quality dance training, so you quickly can get on the social dance floor with confidence! Our teaching methods will provide you with the right tools and techniques to learn how to partner dance and shine on the dance floor with ease! Learn how to train properly and review; it is recommended and very common to take the same class more than once – having a strong base technique is the key to your successful dance development.


SEASON 2  |  October – November – December 2016


1 x class: 800 kr. // 2 x classes: 1350 kr. // 3 x classes: 1650 kr.
30% discount on above prices for students.
The dance season at CSA consists of 9 lessons. No partner is required! We change partners regularly in every class for optimal learning. Enrollment and payment is done through our webshop. Students are required to bring proof of studies at their first class.


Salsa is happiness, passion, and swinging rhythms. Get ready to sway your hips! Choose the training team that fits you best, and build confidence on the dance floor!


Salsa as we know it today originates from a mix of Caribbean rhythms and dances, mostly from Cuba and Puerto Rico, with roots in the Afro-Cuban rhythms. Music genres such as Son, Cha Cha Cha and Mambo came to USA from Latin America in the 1960’s and 70’s, and the term Salsa was born when those styles met American Jazz and Blues.
In the 1980’s professional teaching methods was developed, salsa dancing combinations and figures became standardized, and salsa began to be taught at dance schools. From here the development has progressed into new ways of interpreting both the music and the dance.
Today Salsa dancing can be dIvided into several styles: Cuban Salsa (also known as “Casino” in Cuba), LA-Style (“On 1”), NYStyle (“On 2”), Colombian Salsa etc. The first three are the most popular styles in Copenhagen, with Cuban salsa having the largest group of active dancers. Cuban salsa is danced around each other in a circular motion and can also be danced with many people together in a circle, commonly known as a Rueda (which means “wheel” in Spanish). LA- and NY-style is danced strictly on a line.
No matter which style you choose to learn, one the greatest experiences of salsa dancing is to be able to dance with everyone, so therefore we recommend learning different styles. At CSA we teach Cuban Salsa.
BEGINNER  |  Level 1

Never tried Cuban Salsa before or would you like to review the basics? Then this class is for you! You will learn and improve your basic steps, timing, balance, turns, posture, arm placement, connection, proper etiquette, and fundamental partnering techniques. We are working in a easy-to-follow tempo and we will guide you through each move step-by-step in our stress-free & friendly learning environment!

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IMPROVER  |  Level 2

Here we go into more depth and details of salsa dancing; basic salsa combinations and footwork are introduced, and you will learn and improve your body movement (“Cuban Motion”), musicality, balance, turns, posture, allignment, arm placement, connection, as well as correct leading and following techniques. We will build a repertoire of combinations and calls in the Rueda de Casino format. This class is a GREAT opportunity to speed up your learning!



In this class you will, through our consistent and methodical approach, further develop your salsa dancing and learn more intricate Cuban salsa combinations and footwork. We will cover all aspects of what we are learning and build by adding a little more each week. In this class we work on lead and follow, Cuban motion, understanding spacing in combinations, upper body movement, arm awareness, styling, improving balance, musicality, creating a great connection with a partner, becoming more confident on the social dance floor and more!

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INTERMEDIATE +  |  Level 4

In this class we go Back to Basics, and add another layer of technical details which will make your salsa more fluid and smooth. Salsa dancing is not something you are BORN good at. It is a LEARNED SKILL. Remember: Work always trumps “talent”. This is a great opportunity to polish your basics, clean up your technique and become more confident on the dance floor! We speed up the music tempo and learn how to train properly and review.

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Become a better salsa dancer, both technically and mentally! In this class you get to focus on your own work; balance, coordination and body movement without having to worry about a partner. Every class consist of two parts: The first part will be focusing on salsa technique essentials with a different theme every class. In the second part we will be putting together what we have learned in a fun footwork and styling sequence. Note: For both leaders and followers!



Bachata dancing is popular all over the world with its romantic music, contagious rythms and flowing dance movements.


Originally from Dominican Republic, Bachata developed in the 1960’s from the traditional dance Bolero. Bachata has become very popular in the USA and Europe in the last 10-20 years, and it is now being influenced by other styles such as Brazilian Zouk, Tango and Pop Music. Salsa and Bachata accompany each other perfectly in the social dance club as Salsa music often is faster and more upbeat and Bachata slower and more relaxed. There are quite a few different styles of bachata dancing, and they are often devided into these groups: Dominican Bachata (authentic), Bachata Moderna (or fusion), Bachata Sensual, Bachatango and others. We teach the most common style on the social dance floor in Denmark which is Bachata Fusion.

BEGINNER  |  Level 1

Never tried bachata before or would you like to review the basics? Then this class is for you! You will learn and improve your basic steps, timing, balance, turns, posture, arm placement, connection, proper etiquette, and fundamental partnering techniques. We are working in a easy-to-follow tempo and we will guide you through each move step-by-step in our stress-free & friendly learning environment!

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IMPROVER  |  Level 2 (Bachata Fusion)

This class is for the dancer who already know the basics of Bachata, and for the dancer who would like to brush up & clean up bad habits, learn how to train properly and review. We will focus on partnerwork for leaders and followers development, partner dancing fundamentals and proper etiquette, spacing, body movement, arm awareness, turns and footwork. This is a perfect class for building confidence on the dance floor!

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INTERMEDIATE  |  Level 3 (Bachata Fusion)

In this class you will develop your bachata dancing through more complex figures and footwork. We will build your repertoire of combinations and you will learn how to string them together seamlessly and fluidly. Through this course we will also work on improving your social dancing, balance, styling, dips, musicality and creating a great connection with your partner.



The most effective, focused and quick way to get in a great dancing shape! Build your confidence, polish your steps and get inspired with personalized feedback and guidelines.

Depending on your dance goals, we recommend taking private classes in addition to your weekly group class; get personalized feedback and homework and a chance to practice what you have learned in a class setting with different partners. Privates are customized to your needs and each class lasts 60 minutes. For all levels! Book yours TODAY and take your dancing to new heights! 1 private class is 500,- kr. Note: Save 10% when booking 3-4 classes at once, and 20% when you book 5 or more. Studio fees are included in the price.

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Vi elsker en god fest og står klar til at gøre dit event til noget helt særligt! Uanset om det er en fødselsdag, polterabend eller bryllup, så bliver vores sjove intro-time i Salsa eller Bachata en garanteret succesoplevelse for alle.

Our introductory lessons in Salsa or Bachata and fun follow-the-leader will entertain everyone, from the young guests to the not-so-young ones at your event. Contact us to begin planning your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, fundraiser, graduation party, group party or wedding. Prices vary from 1.000,- to 3.000,-. Contact us with the estimated number of guests, time and place and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a customized latin party package!

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