Please follow these guidelines during Corona times, to prevent the spread of the virus. We trust in your help to protect you, your classmates and the teachers, and to create a safer community.



GROUP CLASSES – the dancing room is now divided in smaller areas with groups of max 10 people in each space, in order to not mix the groups. Every group will get a designated area and the participants have to stay inside their area during the dance class. Upon arrival, the staff will provide more information.

★  FACE MASKS – you have to wear a face mask when you arrive and leave the dance studio, while you are on your way to/from the changing room, until you step into your designated area on the dance floor. It is not mandatory to wear a mask when you are dancing. If you don’t have a mask with you, you can buy one at the studio.

LEAVING/ ARRIVING – as soon as your class is finished, you have to exit the school right away, so the next group can come in. It is not possible to enter the studio if you arrive too early, and if you arrive late (unless you inform us beforehand) – you might not be allowed to join. So just let us know in advance, if you can’t join your class or are late.

Video: new regulations at CSA

  • In all classes: a distance of min. 1 meter from other participants and instructors has to be kept at all times (or 2 meters between each couple).
  • Partnerwork classes: no partner change allowed during class.
  • Arrive at the studio right before the class starts and leave right after it finishes, so you can limit your stay as much as possible. If a class is in progress, you should wait outside the building until the other participants have left.
  • It is mandatory to wash hands before each class (or use hand disinfection).
  • There is a 10 minutes break between each class.
  • Make sure to touch as few things as possible in the studio, avoiding physical contact with others if possible; sneeze/cough in your elbow and avoid touching your face.
  • If you feel sick or have light symptoms, stay home.

No guests will be allowed inside the studio during class. You will find hand disinfectant in all rooms; moreover, we have installed a non-touch paper dispenser in the washing room and are increasing the frequency of cleaning.

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