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If you are a Salsa dancer, you have most likely been watching a lot of videos of famous Salsa instructors, trying to learn some footwork combinations and styling tricks from them. By this time you probably also have your idol – a person, who inspires you in the Salsa environment and who you look up to. Dominika is one of the instructors in Cuban Salsa, who has been inspiring a lot of Salsa dancers, including me, with her great energy, passion and femininity.  She has been leading Ladies’ Styling teams, staging choreographies and shows for Ladies in Copenhagen and in Malmø as well as teaching Salsa parnerwork at Copenhagen Salsa Academy for over a year. She often says: “I don’t know many things, but I am sharing everything I know with you. I know that every woman is different and special and I want to help you find your own way to move, express your femininity and enjoy it!” Now she is ready for a new challenge and lead together with Dennis Bertolazza the new Salsa couple performance team. I can’t wait to see the show and if any of you wants to be a part of this experience, don’t hesitate to join the team!

Because everyone around us has a story the world needs to hear, we asked  Dominika Wrzesiok to share with us her Salsa-story. Watch a quick video below to hear how Dominika started dancing and what Latin dancing brought into her life!

Because everyone has a story, let us know yours! Haven’t you ever been wondering about the person you are dancing with? We tend to know each other and bond well on the dance floor, but what are our lives outside the Salsa environment, what motivates us to go out and dance? Why Latin dances? Tell us your story in the comments below! And if you want to hear more stories of Latin dance instructors and how they became a part of Copenhagen Salsa Academy’s team, please, check it here!

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